Yoga for Anxiety Workshop

Presented by Breanna Stutheit

Sunday May 19


Anxiety can prohibit us from living the life we love - with the people with love - doing the things we love. It does not have to anymore!  This workshop breaks down the 8 key techniques found in yoga to help you manage your anxiety. 

Some of these techniques are yoga postures, meditation visualisations, and pranayama (breath techniques).  You will be taught how to do each technique, how to integrate it into your life, and the benefits of the technique. 

This workshop comes with the option of an online course with 8 yoga classes in it, 8 gratitude journal printable pages, and breakdown of each technique that was taught in the workshop.  This allows you to feel comfortable and confident with the material in the course making a lasting change in your life!

Length: 3 hrs

Cost: $50

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