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Surviving the Christmas Rush - Mindfully

December 15, 2016


Yes it's that time of year again, and amongst the excitement lies lists of things to get done, busy shops, crazy traffic, the kids are home for 6 weeks and have already started arguing, the house is a mess and stress levels are at an all time high...........agghhhhh!!! 

So how do we survive this without tearing out our hair and completely exausting ourselves?

Here are a few ideas to help you get through this years christmas craziness



1.  The Kids are fighting........again (Skip this one if you don't have kids - or you could try it out on your friends kids, or grandkids)

DON'T - Yell and scream, cry, rant etc - it will only stress you out and raise your bloodpressure more. And does it really solve the agument the kids were having or make it worse? Trust me I have learnt this from experience, as my son once told me  "mum you are a yoga teacher and you yell alot" (true confession and it's when I am stressed it happens)

DO - Stop whatever you are doing.  Stand where they can see you, and assume the gyan mudra position - reach arms up in a Y, connect your thumb and index finger on each hand and close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths.  Result - The kids will stop what they are doing, the argument will pause and they will either

A. Laugh at you and forget they were fighting or B. Want to join you and be super chilled out too. 

Note - for maximum impact if the silent aproach doesn't work, start to om really loud when you assume the gyan mudra position. Gyan mudra means 'wisdom' and taking the higher ground and not letting the kids get you all flustered and yell like a crazy fishwife is definitely a wise choice.





2. Everyone around you is stressed, grumpy and driving you crazy.

DON'T - Join them in their moodiness, it's so important not to let others bring you down, don't let their bad mood rub off on you.

DO - Be the calm amongst the storm.  Tell yourself you are floating in a sea of calm and serenity - repeat it as an affirmation to really be effective (I am calm and serene, I am calm and serene, I am calm and serene) and say it like you mean it, positive mind = positive vibe.  Result - others around you will feel your vibe and want some of what you've got. 



3. You go to the shops and hardly anyone is smiling, people are being impatient and manners are a thing of the past.

DON'T - Think to yourself oh well if you can't beat them join them.  NO! Because you are then letting their bad vibes rub off on you and the whole shopping experience becomes exausting and frustrating for you.  And we are our thoughts and actions after all.

DO - Smile at strangers. be genuine if someone meets your eyegaze give them a smile in return (dont go around smiling or grinning at every single person you see or they will quite possibly think you are a bit or a weirdo)

Wait for and open the door for someone if they are loaded with shopping bags or have a pram, or a few kids in tow, just a small random act of kindness like this can make someones day.

Say excuse me if you need to get past someone in the shop isle,  dont push past them or stand there until they see you and then give them a dirty look for not moving.  Be polite, and use your manners and the person will hopefully nicely step aside.

Be polite to shop assistants and thank them for their help (they have to deal with rude shoppers all the time and the nice ones are the ones that make their job bearable this time of year)




4. Christmas roadrage and the crazy drivers 

DON'T - Beep your horn and yell bad language at them, or abuse them then sit up their arse ( again this will only serve to stress YOU out more and possibly cause you to have an accident and then your day really will suck)

DO - Be patient, and kind to other drivers.  Understand everyone has lots going on right now, lots to do, things to get, places to be. 

Before you try and back out of that busy car park, stop take 3 deep calm belly breaths and know it could take a few minutes until you get a chance to safely back out, but you will get there eventually and be less frustrated about it.

Let other cars out if the traffic is blocked up and they are trying to merge out or pull out from a side road, seriously whats one more car infont of you going to do, make you 20 seconds later to your destination.

Please wait for a moment if someone is trying to reverse park and let them back in without pushing past. (this is totally my pet hate when I am reverse parking, it really is rudeness) - remember Karma, an act of kindness towards anther driver will be returned when you least expect it.

When you get home with all your shopping, stop take 5 have a cup of tea, defuse some essential oils and be glad you survived the madness.






5. MOST IMPORTANT - Take the time out to BREATHE 

All you need is 5 minutes (so get off facebook or social media, and the emails can wait)

Stop what you are doing, sit cross legged on the floor or on a chair with your feet on the floor and close your eyes.  

Become present in the moment, be aware of your breath and the sensations your breath creates, breathe natrually but calmly.  

Notice any sounds around you, notice any thoughts and feelings or emotions you are experiencing in the moment, don't judge or analyse these just be aware of what you are experiencing in the moment.  And just BE,  be present, be aware, be calm, be relaxed, be in the now. 

Before you open your eyes take a moment and connect to your desires and intentions and set yourself a Sankalpa (the yogi word for a goal or intention)  Repeat your intention 3 times in your head, or out loud for even more effect.

Open your eyes and bow Namaste and know that you are now back on track, grounded, centred, and focused once again.  And that you will acheive so much more now that you have taken the time out to re-connect back into yourself. 



Remember again you are not alone in the mayhem at this time of year, take the steps to make life a little easier and you will reap the rewards and everyone will want to be around you and know your secret to how you stay so calm and grounded amongst the madness.




Namaste Megan xx



















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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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