Blue Indigo Kids Yoga

Toddler Yoga 2 - 4 year olds

A super fun class for you and your 2 - 4 year old!  An introduction to yoga with fun songs, games and stories. Toddlers learn basic cordination and development skills.  It helps to enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It helps to improve their concentration and teaches them how to relax and be calm. And mums or dads can join in and enjoy the benefits of yoga and bond with your child.


5 - 8 year olds 

A fun class for kids, teaching yoga basics in a way that kids can relate to.  Combining a variety of traditional yoga poses and yoga therapy poses to gently work with kids general wellbeing and health.  They will learn how to balance, be strong and become more flexible in not only their bodies but their minds too. This class helps kids learn how to be calm and happy little people, to become more aware of their bodies and breath and have fun meeting other kids.


8 - 12 year olds

We delve a little deeper into yoga but still in a fun way that relates to kids. Teaches kids of this age some coping skills from the pressures of everyday life, how to manage their emotions and how to stop and slow down a little, as well as still being able to act like a kid and have fun.



I also run kids yoga and pilates classes for primary and high school students at some of the local schools, please contact me if you are a school or kindy teacher intersted in a class at your school, kindy, playgroup or social group.



"Yoga brings that marvellous light that all children have to the surface"


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