Meet the Teachers

Megan Jenkin
Studio Owner

From my first yoga class I was hooked!  I began my teaching career in 2006 as a body balance and pilates instructor, but yoga was always there and calling.  

So in 2012 I finally did my 200hr Hatha/Ashtanga training and have not looked back!

Yoga has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I can't imagine my life without it!

I began Blue Indigo Yoga in 2012 at the Port Macdonnell netball rooms and then it evolved into a little church in Mount Gambier 2015 and late 2017 our gorgeous Studio upstairs in Ripley Arcade was opened. 

I have since trained with Zenergy Yoga and have completed kids yoga therapy as well as basic and advanced kids courses.  Plus Yin yoga, Charkra Vinyasa and Fascia Vinyasa trainings. 

When I am teaching or practising yoga I am my authentic self, yoga has taught me listen to the voice within and is an amazing ongoing journey I am loving being on. It has also helped me immensely with my own healing journey and recovering and managing auto immune issues and adrenal fatigue.

My style of yoga has evolved over the years and I love to combine yin and yang yoga poses, and enjoy working with the chakras and with our bodies energetic pathways and meridian lines,  creating a balanced and deeply connecting and internal yoga practice.  Incorporating functional and intuitive movement, teaching students to learn to listen to their bodies and to connect to their own level of practice.

Teaching us that yoga is so much more than just the physical practice and that we can learn so much about ourselves through yoga.

Kaye Ballintyne

My yoga journey began in the late 1990’s and has remained a significant part of my life ever since.  I first started out practising Iyengar Yoga in St Kilda, Melbourne for about two years until I was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I can still remember the most amazing feeling on stepping out of that first class and being so elated that I had found my breath, it was if my whole body had truly breathed for the first time.   From then on I continued on this AVY path and eventually moved into teaching over 8 years ago.


I was fortunate in having the opportunity to practice and learn from many world renowned teachers over the years and was able to do my teacher training with John Scott and Lucy Crawford in the years that they were living in NZ.  I’ve since done further study with Gregor Maehle(Author on Yoga & Yoga Philosophy) & Moncia Gauci, and David Swenson(USA)


My hope is to be able to impart the knowledge and practice in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition as was passed onto me by my teachers who were all direct the students of Sri Pattabhi Jois, who cultivated the vinyasa method as laid down in the Yoga Korunta.


In sharing this beautiful practice my hope is also that students may also have the opportunity to experience the joy, benefits and cultivate a deeper meaningful life through their yoga practice.

Hayley Agnew   

Hayley teaches at Blue Indigo on Friday mornings 8.45am and she also teaches at Millicent on Tuesdays 5.15pm.

Hayley also happens to be an amazing naturopath!

Here’s Hayley’s Yoga journey -    

My yoga journey (so far).....

Funnily enough I hated yoga the first time I tried it as part of a pre-season netball program - my body was SO tight, I couldn’t touch my toes, & sitting & breathing felt like torture!
Fast forward a couple of years, a knee injury that meant no competitive sport or running for a while, & I was needing something......I tried yoga again, mainly for the benefits of strengthening so I could get back to running ASAP, & within a few sessions I was hooked.
What stared as something that I thought was purely physical, turned into much more - Yoga is like that, you come for one reason, & something else happens.
I practiced for a number of years before deciding I wanted to share the benefits I had experienced with others.
I completed my initial teacher training with ‘tribe yoga’ in India, & have since trained under a number of different teachers & different styles of yoga.
I generally teach a strong, alignment based vinyasa class, incorporating pranyanama & yoga philosophy. 
Yoga really is a practice that offers so much -it deepens awareness of self & enhances our connection to all aspects of just feel better for it. I’ve come to love teaching - it gives me a big reason to show up, keep learning, & keep growing as a person & a teacher...its just the best.


Jodi Jocelyn

I had been an avid student of yoga for around four years, before, following a good year or so of procrastination and self-doubt, throughout many beautifully challenging and inspiring yoga classes and fleeting thoughtful moments amongst sweaty downward facing dogs, sun salutations and upside down tree poses, those “Yes I CAN” and “I NEED to do this” thoughts gradually became more persistent and assured. As a 30th birthday present from my family (and myself), I took the plunge and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training in early 2017 in the amazing location of Byron Bay. (If you have never visited this glorious piece of earth, I thoroughly recommend it).

And what a plunge it was!!!

Two Hundred hours of training in Twenty days at Byron Yoga Centre proved to be one of the most amazing, challenging and transformative experiences of my life.

Having practiced as a Physiotherapist for almost a decade, and now blessed to call myself a Purna Yoga Teacher, I am so incredibly excited to teach, learn and grow with my students through not only the physical shapes we make on our mat, but also through the integration of all Eight Limbs (Ashtanga) of Yoga as it was originally taught in India thousands of years ago.

Should you choose to join me on this journey, expect a fun, light hearted Classical Hatha Yoga Class in a safe space. Suitable for students of all levels with a focus on Alignment, Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Breath Control. My intention is that you stay true to yourself, on your mat, wherever you may be at that particular time in your practice and your life.

Yoga brings so much joy to my life, and my wish is that you too can share in and find this joy yourself both on and off your mat.

I look forward to meeting you.


“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame”  -  BKS Iyengar




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