Yoga Release


6.00 pm -

7.15pm (Megan)

Ease tension at the end of the day with Yoga Release.  

We hold onto a lot in our bodies,  physically, mentally and emotionally.    Yoga Release aims to release mental and physical tension and help nourish the nervous system with movement and yoga. We bend the rules in our yoga practice to find natural movements that help release fascia and muscle tension. 

Balance, Release and Flow


9am - 10.15am (Megan)

A fun flowing class designed to get the blood flowing and energise your body. 

You will leave feeling balanced, strong and relaxed.  Create a deep connection with breath and movement, and cultivate a deeper sense of inner awareness.  Enjoy this funky combo class with some groovy tunes to keep you inspired throughout your practice.  And of course unwind and relax at the end with some delicious gentle stretches and relaxation.

Yin Yoga


5.30pm - 6.15pm (Kaye)


9am - 10.15am (Megan)

This is the class we all need to be doing. 

Yin yoga teaches us to slow down, and to learn how treat ourselves with loving kindness.  A gentle and restorative class, we hold poses for a specific length of time, to work with softening the joint's,  muscles and fascia (connective tissues) while also coaxing Qi (Chi) energy throughout the body to release stuck or stagnant energy. 

This is a great class to learn how to slow down and really listen to your body, with practice and patience you will learn how to connect to inner peace and stillness. 

Hatha Yoga


6.15pm (Kath)

6.45pm - 8pm 

Port Macdonnell


Ha = Sun, Tha = moon, Yoga = Union

Hatha yoga creates balance and unity for the whole body and mind.

Hatha classes work with a variety of simple poses from standing, sitting and basic inversions. Working to create gentle flexibility, movement of the body and peace of mind.  Ending in a delicious savasana (relaxation) at the end of the class.

Hatha Yin Yoga


5.30pm - 6.45pm (Megan)

A yin/yang style class that works with a combination of Hatha style yoga poses to build yang energy and create heat in the body, and to energise and strengthen, and yin poses to create calm and gentle energy and cool the body. 

Creating the perfect balance of yin and yang. 

We seal the practice with a beautiful peaceful guided relaxation and meditation.



7.00pm - 7.45pm (Megan)

Strengthen your whole body and learn how to connect to your deep abdominal muscles and use them for function, better posture, mobility and stability.       

With the use of various props including foam rollers and resistance bands experience a gentle to moderate workout, not only working resistance and strength but also to release fascia and muscle tension. 

Enjoy a well rounded and functional mind and body class. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa 


9am - 10.15am (Kaye)

"Fundamental Foundations and Openings" - An Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga suitable for any level beginners to experienced yoga students.  Learn the FFO sequence, ujjayi breath, bandhas and standing postures.

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